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ReliableKey: Secure and Controlled Testing Environment for OpenAI Applications

ReliableKey, a platform developed by BerriAI, offers users the ability to create temporary OpenAI keys specifically for testing their applications. These temporary keys have predefined spend limits and automatically cease to function once those limits are reached. This ensures that users can safely conduct tests without the risk of overspending or compromising their production OpenAI keys.

ReliableKey Features

  • 🔒 Safe Testing Environment: ReliableKey provides a secure environment for testing OpenAI applications without the risk of overspending.
  • 💰 Spend Limit Control: Users can set predefined spend limits on their temporary keys, ensuring they remain within their budget during testing.
  • 🔐 Protection for Production Keys: By using temporary keys for testing, users safeguard their production OpenAI keys from potential security risks and key leaks.
  • 🤝 Personalized Support: BerriAI offers direct communication with the founders, ensuring users receive personalized assistance and guidance.

Use Cases

  • 🔒 Safe Application Testing: Developers can use ReliableKey to test their OpenAI applications without worrying about excessive spending during the testing phase.
  • 💰 Budget Control: Users who want to set clear spending limits for their testing activities can use ReliableKey to manage their budget effectively.
  • 🔐 Security Measures: Organizations concerned about key leaks can implement ReliableKey as a precautionary measure to safeguard their production keys.


ReliableKey by BerriAI is the ultimate solution for creating temporary OpenAI keys for testing purposes. With ReliableKey, users can confidently test their OpenAI applications, knowing that their temporary keys will automatically stop working once they reach their predefined spend limits. By using ReliableKey, users can protect their production OpenAI keys and stay within their budget during the testing phase. Sign up now and experience the peace of mind ReliableKey provides for your OpenAI testing endeavors.


Q: Can I use ReliableKey for testing purposes only?
A: Yes, ReliableKey is specifically designed for creating temporary OpenAI keys for testing applications.

Q: How does ReliableKey protect my production OpenAI keys?
A: By using temporary keys for testing, ReliableKey ensures that your production keys are not exposed to potential security risks or leaks.

Q: Can I get personalized support while using ReliableKey?
A: Yes, BerriAI offers direct communication with the founders, providing users with personalized assistance and guidance throughout their testing process.

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