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ChatOrg: Empowering Team Collaboration with AI

ChatOrg is an AI-powered tool called ChatGPT that enables real-time team collaboration. It offers various features to enhance communication and productivity among team members. With ChatOrg, teams can organize and share chats and folders, save prompts to a team library, and highlight markdown and code syntax for seamless collaboration.

ChatOrg Features

  • 🚀 Real-Time Team Collaboration: Enable real-time chat-based collaboration using ChatGPT.
  • 📁 Organize and Share Chats and Folders: Categorize and share chats and folders among team members for efficient collaboration.
  • 📚 Shared Team Prompt Library: Save prompts to a shared team library for knowledge sharing and productivity.
  • Markdown and Code Syntax Highlighting: Highlight markdown and code syntax for improved readability.
  • 🔁 Undo Last Message: Edit and regenerate the last message for accuracy and iterative improvements.

Use Cases

  • 💡 Collaborate on AI projects: Leverage the power of ChatGPT for real-time discussions and ideation.
  • 📂 Streamline communication: Organize chats and folders to ensure easy access to relevant discussions.
  • 📝 Promote knowledge sharing: Share prompts and knowledge within the team to accelerate the collaboration process.


ChatOrg empowers teams with efficient and collaborative communication capabilities, leveraging the AI technology of ChatGPT. By providing real-time team collaboration, organizing chats and folders, saving prompts to a shared library, highlighting markdown and code syntax, and allowing the undoing of messages, ChatOrg enhances productivity and knowledge sharing within teams.


Q: What is ChatOrg?

A: ChatOrg is an AI-powered tool that enables real-time team collaboration using ChatGPT.

Q: How can ChatOrg improve team productivity?

A: ChatOrg offers features such as organizing chats and folders, saving prompts to a shared library, and highlighting markdown and code syntax, which enhance communication and streamline collaboration.

Q: Can ChatOrg be used for technical discussions?

A: Yes, ChatOrg supports markdown and code syntax highlighting, making technical discussions more readable and efficient.

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