Last Updated: November 21, 2023Categories: Summarizer1.8 min read Streamline Your Meeting Workflow with AI is an intelligent all-in-one meeting management platform that leverages AI to capture, manage, and share knowledge before, during, and after meetings. With its powerful features and advantages, offers a seamless meeting experience for teams and organizations. Features

  • 📅 Booking pages & invitations: Sync calendars, create personalized booking pages, and send invitations to team members and guests.
  • 📹 Built-in video conferencing: Collaborate on meeting content in real-time with a built-in video call.
  • 📚 Content management & collaboration: Manage meeting knowledge, create polls, assign actions, and make informed decisions.
  • Action tracking and follow-up: Streamline meeting follow-up with a dedicated actions page to ensure no task goes unfinished.
  • 🤖 Adam the AI meeting assistant: Get meeting transcripts, highlight key content items, convert them into actionable items, and enhance content.

Use Cases

  • 🏢 Enterprises: Streamline meeting workflow, document meeting knowledge, and ensure follow-up on outcomes across the organization.
  • 👥 Small businesses: Manage meetings and their outcomes effectively, integrating tools to save money and time.
  • 👤 Individuals: Prepare, run, and follow up on multiple projects and create booking pages that reflect their business image, all at an affordable price.

Conclusion is a comprehensive meeting platform that empowers teams and organizations to optimize their meeting workflow. With its AI-powered features, it simplifies the entire meeting process, from scheduling to follow-up. By leveraging, businesses can enhance collaboration, increase productivity, and ensure that no valuable information gets lost in the meeting room.


Q: Can integrate with other tools?
A: Yes, offers integrations with existing tools, allowing users to seamlessly incorporate their preferred tools into their meeting workflow.

Q: How does Adam the AI meeting assistant work?
A: Adam the AI meeting assistant provides meeting transcripts, highlights important content, converts them into actionable items, and enhances overall meeting content.

Q: What are the benefits of using for enterprises?
A: streamlines meeting workflow, documents meeting knowledge, and ensures follow-up on outcomes across the organization, leading to improved productivity and collaboration.

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