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Article Summary

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Automatically Create Short Summaries with Article-Summary

Article-Summary is a web-based tool that automatically generates short summaries of any article. It offers several key features and advantages.

  • 🌍 Multi-language support: Article-Summary can generate summaries in Arabic, English, or French, catering to a diverse range of users.
  • 🎯 Ease of use: The tool operates in three simple steps: users need to add the article URL, select the desired language, and generate the summary.
  • 📲 Quick sharing: Article-Summary allows users to swiftly share the main points of an article, making it convenient for social media posts or email communication.

Article-Summary has various use cases that can benefit users in different ways.

  • Saving time: Users can save time by quickly summarizing lengthy articles, enabling them to grasp the main ideas without having to read the entire text.
  • 📱 Sharing on social media: The tool is ideal for sharing the key points of an article on social media platforms or through email, allowing users to disseminate information efficiently.
  • 🌐 Improving language skills: Article-Summary offers summaries in different languages, providing an opportunity for users to enhance their language skills by reading summaries in various languages.

With its user-friendly interface and efficient functionality, Article-Summary is a valuable tool for individuals seeking a quick understanding of an article’s main points.


In conclusion, Article-Summary is a web-based tool that automates the process of creating short summaries for articles. It offers multi-language support, ease of use, and quick sharing capabilities. Users can save time, share important information, and improve their language skills with this tool. With its simple and efficient interface, Article-Summary is a useful tool for anyone who wants to quickly understand the main points of an article.


Q: Can Article-Summary generate summaries in languages other than Arabic, English, and French?

A: No, Article-Summary currently supports summaries only in Arabic, English, and French.

Q: Is Article-Summary free to use?

A: Yes, Article-Summary is a free web-based tool.

Q: Can I customize the length of the generated summaries?

A: No, Article-Summary automatically generates short summaries and does not provide customization options for the length of the summaries.

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