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Automate Content Creation with Genei

Genei is an AI-powered research and summarization tool that enhances productivity by extracting key information from articles and research papers. With its advanced features and advantages, Genei offers a seamless content creation experience.

Genei Features

  • AI-generated summaries: Quickly summarize articles, research papers, and webpages.
  • 🔎 Keyword extraction: Identify important keywords from PDFs or webpages.
  • 🌐 Chrome extension: Summarize and save webpages for later reading.
  • 💼 Pro version: Offers higher quality AI, GPT3 access, multi-document summarization, search, and rephrasing capabilities.

Use Cases

  • 🔬 Researchers and students: Analyze and summarize complex articles quickly.
  • ✍️ Writers and content creators: Extract key information from multiple sources.
  • 👩‍💼 Professionals: Improve productivity and gain insights from their work.


Genei is a trusted tool that helps users work more efficiently by summarizing and paraphrasing complex ideas, enabling faster access to crucial information. Whether you are a researcher, writer, or professional, Genei’s AI-powered features provide a streamlined content creation process.


Q: How does Genei generate AI summaries?

A: Genei uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze and extract key information from articles, research papers, and webpages, providing concise and accurate summaries.

Q: Can Genei extract keywords from PDFs?

A: Yes, Genei can identify important keywords from both PDFs and webpages, making it easier to navigate and understand the content.

Q: What additional features does the Pro version offer?

A: The Pro version of Genei provides access to higher quality AI, GPT3 capabilities, multi-document summarization, search functionality, and the ability to rephrase content.

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