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Ask My Book

Last Updated: September 16, 2023Categories: Text to Speech1.4 min read

Ask My Book: Making Book Content Accessible with AI

An experiment by Sahil Lavingia aims to provide answers to questions in his own voice. To achieve this, he created Ask My Book, an AI-powered tool that focuses on making the content of his book, “The Minimalist Entrepreneur,” more accessible. Ask My Book offers several key features and advantages:

  • 🔍 Real-time answers: Users can ask questions and receive immediate responses from the book’s content.
  • 📚 Efficient information retrieval: Users can locate relevant information without having to search through the entire book.
  • 🔓 Open source: Ask My Book is available on GitHub, allowing users to customize their experience.

Ask My Book caters to various individuals with different use cases, including:

  • 👩‍💼 Entrepreneurs: Seeking quick access to valuable insights from “The Minimalist Entrepreneur.”
  • 📖 Readers: Looking to efficiently locate specific information within the book.
  • 👨‍💻 Developers: Interested in customizing the tool for a personalized experience.

Overall, Ask My Book offers a convenient solution for accessing essential information from “The Minimalist Entrepreneur” quickly and efficiently.


Q: Is Ask My Book available for free?
A: Yes, Ask My Book is an open-source tool available on GitHub for free.

Q: Can Ask My Book be used with other books?
A: Currently, Ask My Book is specifically designed for Sahil Lavingia’s book, “The Minimalist Entrepreneur.”

Q: How accurate are the responses provided by Ask My Book?
A: Ask My Book utilizes AI technology to provide real-time answers, ensuring accurate and relevant responses from the book’s content.

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