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Pod Genie: Your Personalized Podcast Generator

Pod Genie is a platform that allows users to create customized podcasts based on their interests. By leveraging any RSS feed, users can transform it into a segment on their own podcast, covering a wide range of topics such as morning news briefings, evening sports round-ups, or the latest updates from their favorite blogs. With Pod Genie, users have the power to curate their own podcast experience.

Pod Genie Features

  • 🎙️ AI Roundup: Stay updated on all things AI, including the latest advancements and insights in the world of artificial intelligence.
  • 🔒 Indie Hacking: Unlock the secrets of successful solopreneurs and bootstrapped startups, one hack at a time.
  • 🌍 News Around the World: Get the latest headlines and stories from every corner of the globe, keeping you informed and connected to our global community.
  • 💰 Financial Briefing: Receive your daily dose of financial insights and news, simplified for smart money decisions.

Use Cases

  • 📰 Personalized Podcasts: Create podcasts tailored to your interests by leveraging any RSS feed.
  • ☀️ Morning News Briefings: Start your day with a curated podcast that provides a summary of the latest news and updates.
  • 🏀 Evening Sports Round-ups: Stay up to date with the latest sports news and highlights with a personalized podcast.


With Pod Genie, users can transform any RSS feed into their own personalized podcast, covering a wide range of topics. The platform offers a variety of features, including AI Roundup, Indie Hacking, News Around the World, and Financial Briefing. Users have the flexibility to create podcasts that align with their interests and preferences. Whether it’s staying updated on the latest advancements in AI or receiving daily financial insights, Pod Genie empowers users to curate their own podcast experience.


Q: Can I use multiple sources for my podcast?

A: Yes, with Pod Genie, you can mix and match multiple sources to create a unique podcast experience.

Q: Will I receive a transcript of my podcast?

A: Absolutely! Pod Genie will deliver your podcast along with the transcript to your email.

Q: Can I revisit previous episodes?

A: Of course! Every episode is accompanied by a newsletter delivered straight to your mailbox, allowing you to dig deeper into the source or revisit previous episodes.

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