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Upheal: AI Assistant for Mental Health Professionals

Upheal is an AI assistant designed specifically for mental health professionals. It offers a range of features to enhance therapy sessions and improve the overall experience for both therapists and clients.

The platform captures therapy sessions in the background, allowing therapists to focus on the conversation without worrying about missing important details. This feature ensures that therapists can pay attention to contrasting body language while still having access to a comprehensive record of the session.

Therapists can also share therapy notes with colleagues for peer reviews or to refresh their memory before the next session. This feature promotes collaboration and ensures that therapists have a complete understanding of each client’s session history and insights.

Upheal organizes each session into topics, which can reveal repeating themes, coping strategies, and even potential diagnosis markers. Unique analyses, such as speech cadence and therapist-to-client talking ratio, provide valuable insights that can aid in treatment planning and evaluation.

To ensure the security and privacy of sensitive data, Upheal follows strict HIPAA and GDPR guidelines. Personal information is pseudonymized, replacing identifiable fields with artificial identifiers. The data is physically segregated and encrypted with per-user keys, providing robust protection against unauthorized access.

Upheal Features

  • 📝 Session Capture: Automatically captures therapy sessions in the background, ensuring no important details are missed.
  • 🤝 Note Sharing: Allows therapists to share therapy notes with colleagues for peer reviews or personal reference.
  • 🔍 Topic Organization: Organizes sessions into topics, revealing repeating themes, coping strategies, and potential diagnosis markers.
  • 🔒 Data Security: Follows strict HIPAA and GDPR guidelines, pseudonymizing and encrypting sensitive data for maximum security.

Use Cases

  • 👥 Collaborative Review: Therapists can share therapy notes with colleagues for collaborative reviews, enhancing the quality of care provided.
  • 📊 Treatment Planning: The analysis of session topics and unique markers can aid therapists in developing effective treatment plans.
  • 📝 Session Preparation: Therapists can review session history and insights before each session, ensuring a personalized and informed approach.


Upheal is an innovative AI assistant that empowers mental health professionals by enhancing therapy sessions and providing valuable insights. With features like session capture, note sharing, and topic organization, therapists can improve their practice and deliver more personalized care to their clients. The platform’s commitment to data security ensures that sensitive information is protected, giving therapists peace of mind. Upheal is revolutionizing the field of mental health by leveraging AI technology to support therapists in their important work.


Q: Can Upheal be used by individual therapists or is it designed for larger practices?
A: Upheal is designed to be used by both individual therapists and larger practices. It can adapt to the needs of therapists at any scale.

Q: How does Upheal ensure the privacy and security of client data?
A: Upheal follows strict HIPAA and GDPR guidelines for storing and working with sensitive data. Personal information is pseudonymized, physically segregated, and encrypted with per-user keys.

Q: Can Upheal be integrated with existing therapy management systems?
A: Yes, Upheal can be seamlessly integrated with existing therapy management systems, allowing for a smooth transition and enhanced functionality.

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