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Orkoi: Personalized Travel Planning Made Easy

Orkoi is a free web-based tool that revolutionizes travel planning by providing personalized travel plans for any city or location without requiring any signup. With Orkoi, users can generate their dream travel plans effortlessly and efficiently.

Orkoi Features

  • 🌍 Personalized travel plans: Orkoi creates AI-generated itineraries tailored to your desired location, ensuring a unique and customized travel experience.
  • 💰 Cost estimation: Users receive an estimated cost for their entire trip, allowing them to plan their budget effectively and avoid any financial surprises.
  • 📍 Comprehensive recommendations: Orkoi provides suggestions for restaurants, landmarks, and activities to enhance users’ travel experience, ensuring they make the most of their trip.

Use Cases

  • 🌍 Plan a memorable trip: Orkoi enables users to plan a memorable trip to any city or location by providing personalized travel plans that cater to their preferences and interests.
  • ⏱️ Save time on travel planning: With AI-generated itineraries, Orkoi saves users valuable time by automating the travel planning process, allowing them to focus on enjoying their trip.
  • 💰 Get a clear idea of expenses: Orkoi’s cost estimation feature helps users gain a clear understanding of their trip’s expenses, enabling them to budget effectively and make informed decisions.


Orkoi simplifies the travel planning process by offering personalized travel plans, cost estimation, and comprehensive recommendations. With Orkoi, users can effortlessly create their dream travel itineraries and enjoy a remarkable journey filled with unforgettable experiences.


Q: Is Orkoi a paid service?

A: No, Orkoi is a free web-based tool that provides personalized travel plans without any signup requirements.

Q: Can I customize the recommendations provided by Orkoi?

A: Yes, Orkoi allows users to customize their travel plans by selecting specific preferences and interests.

Q: How accurate is the cost estimation feature?

A: The cost estimation feature in Orkoi provides users with an estimated cost for their entire trip based on average prices, ensuring a reliable estimation.

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