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Chopcast: Repurpose Long-Form Content with AI

Chopcast is an AI-driven content repurposing platform designed specifically for B2B teams. It streamlines the process of repurposing long-form content, such as webinars, live streams, video podcasts, and meetings, into impactful and engaging clips for social media platforms.

Key Features:
– 🤖 AI-Driven Content Repurposing: Utilize advanced natural language processing (NLP) to automatically identify and extract the most engaging segments from long-form recordings.
– 📱 Social Media Platform Integration: Create content for popular social media platforms like YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Reels.
– 💼 Multiple Use Cases: Support various departments within B2B organizations, including marketing, employee engagement, training, sales, product, and customer success.
– ✂️ Editable Clips: Customize and create intelligent clips based on speaker detection, topic selection, and more.
– 📝 Automatic Video Subtitling: Generate accurate subtitles with 95%+ accuracy, with options for editing and export.
– 🔄 Content Transformation: Convert text transcripts into articles or videos into audio podcasts.
– 📥 Export Formats: Support MP4 for video clips and SRT for subtitles, ensuring compatibility with various platforms.

Use Cases:
– 📢 Marketing teams can repurpose long-form content for social media platforms to increase engagement.
– 💼 Sales teams can create compelling video clips for product demonstrations or testimonials.
– 🏢 HR departments can repurpose training and development content for employee engagement.
– 🎯 Customer success teams can share valuable insights and tips with their customer base.
– 🎪 Event organizers can create highlight reels and promotional clips to attract attendees.
– 🌐 B2B organizations across industries can maximize the reach and impact of their content.

In conclusion, Chopcast empowers B2B teams to effortlessly repurpose their long-form recordings into engaging and shareable clips. With AI-powered content analysis and customizable features, teams can enhance their content reach, drive engagement, and achieve their goals more efficiently.


Q: What platforms does Chopcast support for content creation?
A: Chopcast supports popular social media platforms like YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Reels, allowing users to create content tailored for these platforms.

Q: Can I customize the clips created by Chopcast?
A: Yes, Chopcast allows users to customize and create intelligent clips based on speaker detection, topic selection, and more.

Q: How accurate are the subtitles generated by Chopcast?
A: Chopcast generates accurate subtitles with 95%+ accuracy. Users also have the option to edit and export the subtitles.

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