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Papercup: AI-Powered Dubbing and Video Translation Software

Automate dubbing with AI in multiple languages. Papercup is an AI-powered dubbing and video translation software that allows users to localize their videos with human-sounding voiceovers. It offers several key features and advantages:

  • 🎙️ AI-driven voiceover: Papercup transcribes, translates, and creates human-sounding voiceovers quickly and cost-effectively.
  • 🔍 Quality assurance: A team of quality assurance professionals ensures the quality of the voiceover and makes necessary adjustments.
  • 🏢 Industry-specific solutions: Papercup provides tailored solutions for media companies, enterprises, e-learning platforms, content creators, and more.
  • 📦 Add-on services: In addition to voiceover, Papercup offers distribution, captions and subtitles, and broadcast-quality editing.

Use Cases

  • 📺 Media companies: Papercup is ideal for media companies looking to localize their content for global audiences.
  • 🎓 E-learning platforms: It helps e-learning platforms make their courses accessible in multiple languages.
  • 🎥 Content creators: Papercup enables content creators to expand their reach with translated videos.


Papercup offers a powerful solution for video translation and localization. With its AI-driven voiceover technology, quality assurance team, industry-specific solutions, and add-on services, it ensures high-quality voiceovers and provides a range of additional services.


Q: What languages does Papercup support?
A: Papercup supports multiple languages for dubbing and video translation.

Q: Can Papercup handle large-scale video localization projects?
A: Yes, Papercup is designed to handle large-scale video localization projects for enterprises and media companies.

Q: Does Papercup offer subtitles and captions?
A: Yes, Papercup provides captions and subtitles as part of its add-on services.

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