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Revolutionize Video Creation with Roll

Roll is a browser-based platform that transforms your smartphone into a professional film crew, revolutionizing video creation. With Roll, you can record cinema-quality video calls, create dynamic shots, implement special effects, and edit and publish your videos, all within minutes and from the comfort of your home. It brings professional-level video production to the masses, making it accessible and easy for anyone to create stunning and engaging video content.

Roll Features

  • 📷 Cinema-Level Image Quality: Achieve professional studio image quality from your smartphone, including HDR and anamorphic view.
  • 🎙️ Podcast-Level Audio Quality: Intelligent noise cancellation and high bitrate audio capture for a natural, crisp conversation experience.
  • 🎥 Special Effects Suite: Create multicam shots with bokeh finishes, implement studio camera effects, and add visual elements like lower thirds and headlines with ease.
  • 🎬 Auto-Edits: Roll’s AI takes over the editing process, producing a multi-camera video shortly after shooting.
  • ✏️ Roll Editor: Convenient, text-based video editor with auto-transcription and real-time team collaboration.
  • 📲 Multiformat Publishing: Directly publish videos to any social media platform, automatically reformatted for the right aspect ratio.

Use Cases

  • 🎙️ Recording high-quality video podcasts: Capture cinema-level image and podcast-level audio quality for professional-grade podcasts.
  • 🎥 Creating engaging customer testimonials and executive interviews: Utilize professional studio effects to create compelling video content.
  • 🎬 Eliminating the need for complex editing software: Roll’s Auto-Edits feature simplifies the editing process.
  • ✏️ Real-time collaboration during post-production: Use the Roll Editor for seamless team collaboration.
  • 📲 Publishing videos directly to social media: Easily share videos on various platforms with automatic reformatting.


Roll empowers users to create professional-grade videos faster, cheaper, and with more flexibility than ever before. Its comprehensive features cover everything from capture to post-production, making it a game-changer in the field of video creation.


Q: Can I use Roll on any smartphone?

A: Yes, Roll is compatible with any smartphone.

Q: Is Roll suitable for professional video production?

A: Absolutely, Roll provides cinema-level image quality and professional-grade features for high-quality video production.

Q: Can I edit videos collaboratively with my team using Roll?

A: Yes, Roll’s Editor allows real-time team collaboration during the post-production process.

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