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Synthesys is an AI virtual media platform that offers text-to-voiceover and text-to-video technology. It provides natural and human-like voiceovers and allows users to create professional videos with customizable virtual spokespersons.


  • 🎙️ Text-to-Speech Realistic: Generates clear and natural voiceovers with just three simple clicks.
  • 🌍 Cloud-based Application: Work from anywhere in the world using the platform.
  • 🎤 Professional Voices: Choose from a large library of 35 female and 30 male voices.
  • 💼 Multiple Applications: Use the generated voiceovers for sales videos, animations, commercials, podcasts, and more.
  • 🎥 AI Text-to-Video: Create videos using revolutionary lip-synching AI technology.
  • 🌐 Wide Language Support: Access over 145+ languages and 254 unique voice styles.
  • 🖥️ Easy-to-Use Interface: Edit and render videos with a user-friendly interface.


Synthesys empowers users to enhance their digital content by adding natural and engaging voiceovers and creating professional videos. With its AI-powered technology and extensive features, businesses can establish trust, authority, and emotional connections with their audience.


Q: How can Synthesys benefit my business? A: Synthesys allows you to transform your text into vibrant and dynamic media presentations, enhancing your website explainer videos, product tutorials, and other digital content.

Q: What languages are supported by Synthesys? A: Synthesys supports over 145+ languages and offers a total voicebank of 254 unique voice styles.

Q: Can I customize the virtual spokesperson in the videos? A: Yes, you can fully customize the virtual spokesperson using the cloud-based application provided by Synthesys.

Q: Can I use the generated voiceovers for commercial purposes? A: Yes, you can create and sell unlimited voiceovers for any purpose using Synthesys.

Q: Is Synthesys easy to use? A: Yes, Synthesys provides an easy-to-use interface for editing and rendering videos, making it accessible for users of all levels of experience.

Q: Is Synthesys suitable for explainer videos and social media content? A: Absolutely! Synthesys is perfect for creating explainer videos, eLearning content, social media posts, product descriptions, and more.

Q: Are the voiceovers generated by Synthesys realistic? A: Yes, Synthesys eliminates the robotic and unnatural-sounding voices of the past, providing realistic and natural delivery similar to a real human being.

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