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Yujo: Enhancing Social Connections and Event Organization

Yujo is a mobile application designed to facilitate socializing and event organization. Leveraging AI algorithms, Yujo connects users with like-minded individuals and valuable acquaintances based on shared interests, professions, and archetypes. The app offers a range of features to enhance users’ social experiences and make event planning more efficient.

Yujo Features

  • 🤝 AI-Powered Matching: Yujo utilizes AI algorithms to connect users with individuals who share their interests, profession, and archetype.
  • 📍 Personalized Recommendations: Discover new locations and events tailored to your preferences.
  • 📅 Calendar Feature: Easily plan and keep track of your social engagements within the app.
  • 💼 Professional Networking: Expand your professional connections through the app’s dedicated professional mode.
  • 🔒 Safe Environment: Yujo prioritizes user safety by providing a secure platform for communication and connection.

Use Cases

  • 👥 Find like-minded individuals and valuable acquaintances: Connect with people who share your interests and archetypes.
  • 📍 Stay updated with personalized recommendations: Discover new locations and events that match your preferences.
  • 📅 Plan and manage social engagements effectively: Utilize the app’s calendar feature to organize your social activities.


Yujo empowers users to enhance their social connections and enrich their social experiences. With its AI-powered matching, personalized recommendations, calendar feature, professional networking, and commitment to user safety, Yujo provides a comprehensive platform for socializing and event organization.


Q: Is Yujo available for both iOS and Android?

A: Yes, Yujo is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Q: Can I use Yujo to organize private events?

A: Yes, Yujo allows users to organize both public and private events.

Q: How does Yujo ensure user safety?

A: Yujo prioritizes user safety by providing a secure platform for communication and connection, implementing measures to prevent harassment and abuse.

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