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Homestyler – Your Ultimate 3D Home Design Solution

Homestyler offers an all-in-one online interior design platform that allows users to create their dream homes in 3D. The software provides a range of powerful features, from AI-based decorations to customizable lighting and materials. With the ability to export drawings and access projects from any web browser, Homestyler offers a comprehensive and flexible solution for interior design enthusiasts and professionals alike.


  • 💡 AI Decoration: Intelligently decorate empty rooms with the user’s chosen style.
  • 🎨 Material Editor: Customize colors and materials of models to match the design vision.
  • 🌞 Lighting Editor: Personalize light sources, sunlight, and environment settings.
  • 🏠 Interior Finishes: Enjoy strong customization modules to personalize walls, floors, ceilings, and tiles.
  • 📤 Export Drawings: Easily export BOM, floor plans, and DWG drawings with just one click.
  • 🌐 Web-based: Access ongoing or finished work from any web browser, anytime, anywhere.

Use Cases

  1. 🛋️ Interior Design Project: Design and visualize a complete interior space with furniture, decorations, and finishes to create the perfect home atmosphere.
  2. 🏡 Home Renovation Planning: Plan and experiment with various layouts, materials, and lighting options before starting a renovation project.
  3. 🏢 Commercial Space Design: Visualize and design office spaces or retail stores with custom layouts and finishes to impress clients and stakeholders.
  4. 🏡 Interior Design Enthusiast: Encarni Fernandez Calero, a design enthusiast, uses Homestyler to bring her creative designs to life, exploring the endless possibilities and enjoying the incredible renderings.
  5. 🏠 Home Designer: INES GD DESIGN, a home designer from France, relies on Homestyler for realistic 3D visualizations and uses it as the main tool for her design company.
  6. 🏢 Interior Designer: Svetlana Baitchourin, an interior designer from Italy, chooses Homestyler for its ease of use, advanced features, and cost-effectiveness.


  • Basic: Free with unlimited 1K rendering, 2K and video render using Homestyler Points, and access to 100,000+ free 3D models and materials.
  • Pro: Starts from $4.9/month, includes 75 renders each for 2K & 4K per month, watermark removal, and more.
  • Master: Starts from $9.9/month, offers unlimited rendering, 300 AI design images per month, and additional benefits.
  • Team: Starts from $19.6/seat/month, provides improved efficiency for teams, shared design space, and more.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing, tailored to meet the specific needs of larger organizations.

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Homestyler is a top-notch 3D home design software that empowers users to bring their creative visions to life. With its AI-based decorations, customizable materials, and web-based accessibility, designing and visualizing dream spaces has never been easier. Whether you’re a design enthusiast or a professional interior designer, Homestyler provides the tools and flexibility needed to create amazing works.


Q: Is Homestyler suitable for professional interior designers?

A: Absolutely! Homestyler caters to both design enthusiasts and professionals, offering a wide range of features and customization options for designing professional-grade interiors.

Q: Can I collaborate with others on design projects using Homestyler?

A: Yes, Homestyler allows you to share your design space with team members, collaborate on projects, and even access a shared model library to avoid redundant work.

Q: Are there any limitations on the Free Plan?

A: While the Free Plan provides access to essential features, the Premium and Professional Plans unlock advanced functionalities and offer more design possibilities.

Q: Can I export my designs to other formats?

A: Yes, Homestyler allows you to export your designs to various formats, including BOM, floor plans, and DWG drawings with a single click.

Q: Does Homestyler require any software installation?

A: No, Homestyler is a web-based platform, so you can access and work on your designs directly from any web browser without the need for installation.

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