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Transforming Text into Engaging Quizzes with Questgen

Questgen is a cutting-edge AI-powered quiz generator that offers a versatile set of features for effortless assessment creation, making it a valuable asset for educational institutions, HR teams, textbook publishers, and edtech companies. This AI-driven tool eliminates the manual work of quiz generation, revolutionizing the assessment process with its unique capabilities.

AI-Powered Quiz Generation 🤖

  • Questgen’s AI engine automatically generates various types of assessments, including MCQs, true/false questions, and higher-order questions with a single click.

Text-to-Quiz Transformation 📝

  • It swiftly converts any text into a quiz format, saving users substantial time and effort in assessment creation.

Assessment Export 📤

  • Users can easily export quizzes in PDF or text formats, facilitating seamless distribution and sharing.

Edtech-Exclusive Algorithms 📚

  • Built on extensive research in the edtech field, Questgen’s algorithms ensure precise and relevant assessment generation.

Versatile User Base 🏫

  • Questgen serves a wide range of users, from teachers and schools to HR teams, textbook publishers, and edtech companies, meeting diverse assessment needs.

Fresh and Engaging Assessments 🌟

  • Empowering educators to create new assessments annually, Questgen ensures a dynamic learning experience by avoiding repetitive questions.

HR Compliance Assessments 📑

  • HR departments can use Questgen to generate assessments based on compliance documents, ensuring regulatory adherence.

In-House Assessment Creation 🏢

  • Publishers and edtech companies can enhance their content offerings by creating assessments in-house using Questgen’s capabilities.

Open-Source Library 🌐

  • Questgen invites exploration and innovation with its open-source library on GitHub, promoting transparency and collaboration.

Trusted by Users 🌟

  • With over 15,000 satisfied users and a track record of producing hundreds of thousands of assessments, Questgen is a trusted solution in the assessment generation landscape.

Use Cases

  • 🏫 Educational Institutions: Teachers and schools can swiftly create diverse assessments, eliminating redundancy.
  • 🏢 HR Teams: HR departments can ensure compliance through assessments tailored to regulatory documents.
  • 📚 Textbook Publishers: Publishers can enrich their content by integrating in-house-generated assessments.
  • 💻 Edtech Companies: Edtech companies can enhance their offerings, providing users with a valuable assessment creation tool.


Questgen empowers users across various domains with its efficient, AI-driven quiz generation capabilities. It significantly reduces the time and cost associated with assessment creation, ensuring fresh and engaging assessments while maintaining regulatory compliance.


Q: Can Questgen be customized for specific educational needs?

A: Absolutely, Questgen offers customization options to cater to specific educational requirements.

Q: Is Questgen suitable for large-scale assessment creation?

A: Yes, Questgen is capable of handling large-scale assessment generation efficiently.

Q: How user-friendly is Questgen’s interface?

A: Questgen’s user-friendly interface ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience for users.

Q: Are there any tutorials available for using Questgen?

A: Yes, Questgen provides comprehensive tutorials to help users make the most of its features.

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