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Effortlessly Create, Test, and Deploy Backend APIs with Backengine

Backengine is a no-code platform that revolutionizes the way backend APIs are built. With Backengine, users can effortlessly create, test, and deploy sophisticated backend APIs without writing a single line of code. This innovative tool allows users to define API endpoint logic in natural language, making it accessible to both technical and non-technical users.

Backengine Features

  • ⚡️ Fast API Building: Develop and deploy complex application logic in less than a minute without writing any code.
  • 🔧 No-Code Workspace: Easily build, test, and iterate in a workspace that requires no coding skills.
  • 🔒 Security: Enjoy secure and protected endpoints that only you and your applications can use.
  • 👥 Collaboration: Manage your team members efficiently, allowing everyone to work on your Backengine endpoints.
  • 💾 Storage (Beta): Enhance your Backengine endpoints with persistent data, serving as a complete backend replacement.

Use Cases

  • 🚀 Develop sophisticated API endpoints: Quickly create API endpoints without the need for programming skills.
  • 🔄 Iterate and fine-tune API structures: Seamlessly iterate and fine-tune API prompts, response structures, and request structures.
  • 👨‍💻 Efficient collaboration: Collaborate efficiently with team members on your Backengine endpoints.


Backengine empowers users to create, test, and deploy backend APIs with ease. With its no-code approach and intuitive interface, users can build complex application logic in minutes. The platform’s features, such as fast API building, no-code workspace, security, collaboration, and storage, provide users with a comprehensive solution for their backend API needs. Whether you’re a developer or a non-technical user, Backengine simplifies the process of creating and managing APIs, leading to increased productivity and streamlined workflow.


Q: Can I use Backengine without any coding skills?
A: Yes, Backengine is designed to be a no-code platform, allowing users to build backend APIs without any coding skills.

Q: Is my data secure with Backengine?
A: Yes, Backengine ensures the security of your data and provides protected endpoints that only you and your applications can access.

Q: Can I collaborate with my team members on Backengine endpoints?
A: Absolutely, Backengine allows efficient collaboration, enabling team members to work together on your API endpoints.

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