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Unakin: Text-to-Gameplay Prototyping for Game Studios

Unakin is an AI copilot that helps game studios build successful games by providing text-to-gameplay prototyping. It acts as a game creation copilot, assisting in researching, ideating, and building prototypes alongside game developers.

Unakin Features

  • 🔧 Chat-to-create: Build prototypes iteratively without code or developer resources, eliminating technical dependencies.
  • 🤖 Ground-breaking AI tech: Utilize multiple AI models to enhance prototyping speed and unleash creativity without any limitations.
  • 🌐 The community at the crux: Join the Unakin Discord community or join the waitlist to stay updated on the future of game creation.

Use Cases

  • 🎮 Game Concept Testing: Game studios can quickly test and iterate game concepts using Unakin’s text-to-gameplay prototyping, saving time and resources.
  • 🚀 Rapid Prototyping: Unakin enables game developers to rapidly create and refine game prototypes, accelerating the game development process.
  • 🌟 Collaborative Game Creation: Unakin facilitates collaboration between game developers, allowing them to work together in real-time to build and refine game ideas.


Unakin revolutionizes game development by providing game studios with a powerful text-to-gameplay prototyping tool. With features like chat-to-create, ground-breaking AI technology, and a vibrant community, Unakin empowers game developers to build successful games faster and more efficiently.


Q: How does Unakin help game studios build prototypes without code?

A: Unakin’s chat-to-create feature allows game studios to build prototypes iteratively without the need for coding or developer resources.

Q: Can Unakin be used for game concept testing?

A: Yes, Unakin’s text-to-gameplay prototyping enables game studios to quickly test and iterate game concepts, saving time and resources.

Q: How does Unakin enhance the game development process?

A: Unakin utilizes ground-breaking AI technology to accelerate the game development process, allowing game developers to build and refine prototypes 100 times faster and without any creative limitations.

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