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Praktika ai

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Praktika ai: An Immersive Language Learning App with Generative AI Avatars

Praktika ai is an immersive language learning app that utilizes AI-powered avatars to provide interactive English conversation practice. With its key features and advantages, Praktika ai offers a unique and effective way to learn and improve language skills.

Praktika ai Features

  • 🤖 Conversation practice: Learn English through engaging conversations with AI avatars powered by Chat-GPT technology.
  • 📝 Real-time feedback: Receive immediate and after-session feedback to enhance language skills.
  • 📚 Extensive content: Access over 1000 lessons and characters to practice any topic, with 10,000+ minutes of unlimited practice.
  • 📈 Progress tracking: Visualize improvement on a detailed curve towards fluency.
  • 📱 Convenience: Available on Android and iOS platforms for on-the-go learning.

Use Cases

  • 🎓 Language students: Ideal for language students seeking a fun and interactive way to practice speaking English.
  • 💼 Busy professionals: Suitable for busy professionals looking to improve their English skills at their own pace and schedule.
  • 🌍 Individuals: Beneficial for individuals aiming to overcome language barriers and seize new opportunities.


Praktika ai offers an immersive language learning experience through its AI-powered avatars and a range of features. Whether you are a language student, a busy professional, or an individual seeking to overcome language barriers, Praktika ai provides a convenient and effective platform to practice and improve your English skills.


Q: Is Praktika ai available for other languages besides English?

A: Praktika ai currently focuses on English language learning and does not support other languages at the moment.

Q: Can I use Praktika ai offline?

A: Praktika ai requires an internet connection to access its content and utilize its features. Offline usage is not available.

Q: How can I track my progress on Praktika ai?

A: Praktika ai provides a detailed curve that visualizes your improvement over time, allowing you to track your progress towards fluency.

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